Hi There!

I’m a software developer, dad, swimmer. I love using open source software.


I’m developing software for more than 15 years. Apply a wide breadth of technical skills;

Internet knowledge and experience across the spectrum of online development in the service of building and improving online properties for multiple clients. Includes: site architecture and infrastructure, backend development using open source toolset, front end development, web/db servers administration, technical writing, marketing communications and online business consulting.

I love to translate open source documentation and now starting to translate full books about open source software.

Software Architecture

I have completed multiple big scale eCommerce projects. I love designing service oriented architecture. I can provide solutions at lightning speed.

Front-end Development

I’m working on several templating engines like blade, twig, smarty. I can build plugins and themes for wordpress and drupal. I can improve UI/UX with latest trends.

Back-end Development

I’ve worked and lead various teams with all kinds of projects. I can provide solutions for state of the art latest technologies or 10 years old legacy software projects.

Mobile Applications

Currently I’m working on hybrid application frameworks for cross-platform deployments. I can build native-like html5 webapps with latest javascript frameworks.

Linux Administration

I’m managing many web and database servers for clients. My expertise on php/python, apache/nginx and mysql/mariadb/redis servers.

BT Consulting

I provide business & technology consulting for any size/kind of projects. I have experience over 12 years of problem solving. I have all kind of solutions for web business.


I’m always using latest open source technology that available for my new projects. I keep monitoring every improvement, bug-fix and security vulnerability for tools that I’m using. As a back-end developer php/mysql is my bread and butter. I can use all popular web languages and frameworks when required, if not I use php frameworks. I prefer vps machines for servers and cloud services for mail, cdn and application firewalls.


Requirement Analysis

We’ll work side by side to make sure, we document every little detail before the project begins.

Architectural Design

Most critical part of the project. But relax, you are working with professionals.


After both parties are agreed, my team will do the actual development, implementation and testing phases.


Most of the time, I have no legal right to publicly show my work. But here we are and you can check some sample work done by my teams. Most of the time graphic design is done by my creative team.


It’s more like my notes on some open source projects. Hope you can find something usefull.


Some folks saying bad things about me!

  • Hasan is highly experienced on distributed architecture and software development. Enjoyed to work to build robust systems.

    Alper Kaya
    Alper KayaCTO @ Flat4Day
  • Hasan is one of the most talented Software Engineer I've worked with. Very high quality work, deep understanding of web technologies, excellent attention to detail, an outstanding intuition about how can find solutions to challenging problems very fast and implement them even faster. He has a great attitude and is a very reliable team player.

    Hakan Ertan
    Hakan ErtanArt Director @ New York
  • Hasan is a very talented developer and problem solver. We completed several large scale projects and I'm looking forward to work again.

    Okan Barlas
    Okan BarlasGeneral Manager @ Tatil.com

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